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Storm and Hurricane Damage

Florida residents know all too well about the devastating power of hurricanes and the property damage they can cause in just a few hours. Having a homeowners policy should give you the chance to rebuild if your property has suffered in a storm damage during a storm such as Hurricane Irma. However, getting full compensation for your property damage claim isn’t always the case. Some Insurance companies are notorious for making bad claims decisions and using claims handling tactics which amount to “bad faith.”

Storm or Hurricane Damage to Home or Business

Legal Assistance for Property Damage Claims

If you’ve been turned down by an insurer or are unsure of where to start with your claim, then a Property Damage Attorney can work with you to help you navigate the claims process.

Attorney Jonathon Douglas leads the property claim team at nationally ranked by US News and World Reports as a Tier 1 Law Firm, Battaglia Ross Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. Having previously represented some of the largest insurance companies in the State of Florida, Mr. Douglas uses his inside knowledge and experience to help you tackle the insurance companies.

Common Hurricane Property Damage

Storm damage to homes and commercial properties varies depending on the strength of each storm, but commonly seen damage which need repairing include:

  • Roof Damage
  • Broken Windows
  • Smashed Cars
  • Water Damage
  • Interior damage
  • Cracked Building Foundations
  • Uprooted Trees and torn apart gardens
  • Damage to garages, swimming pools and decks

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

While there is incredible variation between different insurance policies and what each provides the policyholder, a typical Florida homeowner insurance policy may provide the following general coverages:

Costs to repair or rebuild your damaged home.
The cost to repair or replace or damaged personal property such as furniture, clothes and appliances.
The cost you incur if you temporarily need to find somewhere to stay, while your home is being repaired.

Common Insurance Company Tactics

One of the reasons why many people hire a Property Damage Lawyer is due to their frustration with their own insurance company during the claims process. Here are some common ways in which insurers frustrate the fair and timely claims handling process:

  • Deny your claim, stating that the damage does not exceed your deductible.
  • Stalling communications, processing, adjustment, or even payment of your claim.
  • Claim that there is inadequate proof of your damages.
  • State that your property was poorly maintained or that damage could have been prevented.
  • Claim that you didn’t provide necessary information when you initially purchased the policy.
  • Try to push you into accepting a lower offer than you deserve.

These realities may seem shocking to anyone who has not made an insurance claim before. That’s why a Property Damage Attorney can prove to be a critical component in a successful property damage claim.

It is important to note that wind damage is covered by homeowner’s insurance, however, flooding is not. Insurers may, therefore, state that floodwater caused the damage, and not damage from wind or debris. For example, the homeowner’s insurance company may take the position that the mold in your home or business was caused by flood waters, rather than the water intrusion related to the wind damage to the roof.

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We know how tough a property damage insurance claim can be, and that you are desperate to fix your home rather than deal with the small print of insurance policies. If you are suffering after a Storm or Hurricane with an Insurance Company underpaying, denying or delaying your claim, we can help.

We’ll work from start to finish to help get the money that you deserve and seek to remove the pressures of working with daunting insurance companies.

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