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Wind Damage

Filing any claim for wind damage is a complicated affair. Oftentimes, insurance companies enlist the help of out of state insurance adjusters to come in after a disastrous wind event such as a hurricane. These out of state adjusters, or storm chasers, are often ill-prepared to deal with a Florida homeowners insurance claim. These storm chasers prepare estimates which the Insurance Company rely upon in determining whether to deny or cover a claim. These storm chasing insurance adjusters are not only ill-prepared to adjust a Florida wind loss claim but unfamiliar with Florida Building Code requirements.

Taking on insurance companies on your own is often times a difficult task. They will attempt to use the claims process with its many requirements and nuances against you. When you take on these insurance companies alone, you can struggle to battle their power and you most likely won’t have the experience or legal knowledge to persuade them into paying you the full coverage you deserve.

Wind Damage Insurance Claim Attorney

Property Damage Legal Assistance

Our Property Damage Attorneys can help you if you’re struggling with a Wind Damage insurance claim. Jonathon Douglas leads the Property Damage team at Battaglia Ross Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. Douglas, which has been ranked as a Tier 1 Law Firm by US News and World Reports. Whether it’s a new claim, a previously denied claim, or a claim you believe was underpaid or delayed, we can help you fight to get the money you deserve to rebuild your property.

Common Reasons Why Insurance Companies Deny Wind Damage Claims:

Damage from wind in Florida often costs above your deductible. That’s why you look for the support of your insurance companies, but they won’t make it easy. They are well-known for attempting to use various insurance policy exclusions to avoid paying you the money you deserve. Here are some common reasons that they will exploit to underpay you:

Avoiding Full Roof Replacement
Strong winds commonly damage roofs, but in storms, the law states that if 25% of a roof is damaged, then the entire roof must be replaced. Insurance Companies often will allege that your roof’s damage was under 25%; so the cost will only be for repairs and patching, rather than the full legal replacement that it truly needs.

Wear and Tear Damage Claim
After an inspection from their adjusters, insurers may state that your property damage is a result of wear and tear and not the wind damage.

Alleged Design or Installation Defects
Similarly, they may say that initial design flaws or installation was the cause of the damage and not the wind or storm event.

Claim that Flood Damage was the primary cause of damage instead of the covered Wind event
Homeowner’s insurance is not the same as flood insurance. When there has been both a flood event and a wind event that causes damage at the same time, the homeowner’s insurance company will attempt to place the primary cause of loss on the flood event and not the wind event.

Common Damage Caused by Wind:

Home and commercial property owners typically see their properties suffer the following damages during a storm:

  • Damaged Roofs (Including cracks, shingle bruising, shingle lifting and structural damage)
  • Broken Windows
  • Missing or broken shutters
  • Damaged walls from flying debris
  • Severely damaged exterior paintwork, stucco or cladding
  • Damaged Air Conditioning Units
  • Fallen or uprooted trees
  • Broken Outdoor Furniture
  • Water intrusion

What to do after a storm if your property has been damaged:

If your property has recently been damaged in a storm due to strong winds, it’s important to take the following steps:

  • Document the damage with photos and videos as evidence
  • List all your personal belongings, appliances and furnishings which have been damaged
  • Save all the paperwork and receipts of any costs you have incurred related to the damaged areas
  • Contact your insurance company
  • Contact your Property Damage Lawyer

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