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Roof Damage Insurance Claims

If your home has suffered roof damage, but your insurance carrier isn’t playing fair, then our Florida roof damage attorneys are here to help.

A roof is integral to the safety of any building, protecting its inhabitants and structural integrity from the elements. Anyone whose roof has been damaged deserves to be reimbursed for repairs by their insurance provider.

How to Make a Roof Damage Claim in Florida?

File a Claim as Soon as Possible

If your roof has suffered damage as the result of a storm, hurricane, tornado, fallen tree or any other disaster, then you can make a roof damage claim with your homeowner’s insurance carrier.

It’s important that you file the report as soon as possible to prevent the insurance company from saying the damage has happened after the date of the storm or other incident.

If this is daunting or you are having trouble with your insurance company, contact a Florida roof damage attorney as soon as possible.

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Collect and Protect Evidence

It is highly advised to collect your own evidence to support your claims. Before making any repairs or cleaning the property, you should take photos and videos of the property.

This naturally may be difficult and too dangerous if there is severe roof damage. Never enter a property that is too dangerous to enter or put yourself at risk. Take photos from the outside if needed.

You should also gather and retain all receipts of expenses related to the repairs and cleaning of the property.

Common Types of Florida Roof Damage:

  • Holes in the roof
  • Broken or missing shingles
  • The roof’s rubber or plastic membrane is damaged or missing
  • Misshapes or structural damage to the roof
  • Leaks
  • Broken trusses
  • Damaged sheathing

Common Causes of Florida Roof Damage:

  • Hurricanes
  • Storms
  • Strong winds
  • Fallen trees
  • Flooding
  • Tornados

Do I Need a Florida Roof Damage Attorney?

Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t hand out money easily. They are greedy, for-profit-focused and regularly reject claims. If this happened to you, we can help.

Our attorneys previously worked in the insurance industry before gaining their vast successful experience as Florida roof damage attorneys.

We know the tricks that insurance companies play and won’t be manipulated, bullied or delayed. We will hold them accountable, ensuring that your policy is upheld so you get the money you need and deserve to make roof repairs.

Negotiations and Litigation

A successful outcome can be achieved through communication and negotiations, as we protect your rights and force reality upon them. However, in more extreme cases, litigation may be required. We will prove how the damage occurred, its true value, and why your insurance carrier should pay for it.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Damage in Florida?

In most cases, roof damage in Florida is covered by homeowners insurance. However, this will depend on the type of roof damage your property has and the specific language used in the policy.

Hurricanes, fires, winds, hail and falling trees are almost always covered, as these are unforeseen and unprotectable incidents.

However, damage caused by wear-and-tear or neglectful maintenance is likely not covered by homeowners insurance. For example, if you were putting up some Christmas lights on your roof and you fell through it, or in any way damaged the roof, then your insurance is unlikely to help.

Florida Roof Damage Attorney FAQs:

My Roof Is Leaking, Can I Make a Roof Damage Claim?

The underlying cause of the roof leak can answer this question. For example, if there has recently been a storm or hurricane, there may be damage to your roof that your homeowner’s insurance should cover.

However, if there was no storm or strong wind and the roof is leaking, having not been maintained for many years, then your homeowners’ insurance will likely not cover fixing the leak.

My Insurer Said the Cause Was ‘Wear and Tear’, What Can I Do?

It’s very common for insurance carriers to say the damage is due to ‘wear and tear’. This is a lazy and easy way for them to get some clients to go away.

If you believe your home has been damaged through something other than wear and tear, then you can contact our Florida roof damage attorneys to communicate with your insurer and bring you the compensation you deserve.

How Long Does a Florida Roof Damage Claim Take?

After you begin the claim process by notifying your insurance carrier about the roof damage, then the insurance company has 90 days to investigate the claim and give a response regarding whether the claim is denied or not.

If the claim is denied or undervalued, then you can file a lawsuit which usually takes between a few months and over a year.

Our Florida roof damage attorneys will work to bring you the money you deserve to repair your home as soon as possible and not get delayed by insurance companies.

My Roof Damage Claim Has Been Denied – What Now?

If your claim has been denied, you should contact our Florida roof damage attorneys as soon as possible.

Your insurer will hope you go away now, but you need to act fast and hold them accountable. They’ll use every trick in the book to make you tired, confused or give into a low ball offer.

We won’t fall for that. Our Florida roof damage attorneys’ presence is often enough to get insurers to pay up. And if it requires litigation and a legal fight, we’ll be ready.

Insurance companies might:

  • Blame the damage on wear and tear
  • Blame you for failing to maintain the roof
  • Blame you for causing further roof damage
  • Claim only a portion of the roof needs repair

An Insurance Adjuster Is Offering Too Low a Figure?

This is not uncommon. Insurance adjusters may visit your property and look like they’re making a thorough investigation, but they are biased towards their employers.

Our Florida roof damage attorneys can hire independent investigators to prove the true value of your roof damage.

Don’t accept low ball offers. With professional legal support, you can fight back.

Do Insurance Companies Pay For Accommodation?

In extreme situations, you might not be able to enter your home again, let alone sleep in it safely.

Most insurance policies will have ‘Additional Living Expenses (ALE) included which should cover accommodation until the roof is repaired.

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Having previously represented some of the largest insurance companies in the State of Florida, Mr. Douglas uses his inside knowledge and experience to help navigate property damage insurance claims.

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