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Underpaid or Denied Insurance Claim Attorney

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Underpaid or Denied Insurance Claims

Insurance Companies involved in Property Damage claims to home or commercial properties are notorious for using tricks and minor technicalities to avoid paying their insureds the money they deserve. Unfortunately, it’s a familiar scenario to see homeowners and business owners left empty-handed. Property Damage Insurance Claims filed by homeowners and business owners are often denied or underpaid and result in insureds feeling they are left with no other choice than to accept a denied claim or low-ball offer after lengthy and frustrating communications with their own insurance company.

However, insurers don’t have the final say. There are still options available, and a Property Damage Attorney can help you get what you need to cover your costs, even if you initially were denied.

Rejected or Denied Insurance Claims

Underpaid Insurance Claims

One of the most frustrating results of any claim is receiving a payment that is lower than what you deserve and need to cover repair costs. Insurance Companies often attempt to pay you as little as possible, and their adjuster works towards this goal.

Once you file your claim, the insurance companies adjuster visits your property to assess the cause and origin of loss and it the cause of damage is a covered cause, the adjuster will attempt to set a value of the damage. They may undervalue or overlook the true value of the damage or fail to consider the complete scope of loss. These failures can leave you without the sufficient funds to fully repair your home or business.

Insurance companies can also misinterpret their own insurance policies which will directly impact whether a claim will be denied or underpaid.

Denied Insurance Claims

Here are some reasons why a property damage claim to a home or business may be denied regardless of the insurance policy language:

  • Damage wasn’t documented well enough
  • Evidence of the damage of cause of loss was discarded
  • The adjuster took down the wrong information which they used against you.

Seeking legal assistance from a Property Damage Lawyer is the only realistic chance of turning around denied claims.

An attorney will evaluate your situation, thoroughly analyzing the details of your claim and applicable policy provisions before making contact with your insurer. An attorney will then have the option to attempt negotiations with the insurance company, pushing it to reconsider its wrongful denial or file a suit.

What if your Hurricane Irma insurance claim was denied?

According to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (in June 2018), 32% of Property Damage claims made after Hurricane Irma were denied and not paid by insurance companies. A typical reason for this is the insurers claiming damage was due to flood water, not wind.

Our Property Damage team will work on your behalf to change any classification or unfair reasoning that is stopping you from getting the money to help you recover.

Reopening Old Property Damage Claims

It may also be possible to reopen an old insurance claim, in what is commonly known as a ‘Supplemental’ claim. An attorney may be able to identify if you were underpaid or wrongfully denied and have the insurance company reopen a claim.

What should you do if you think you’ve been underpaid?

If your property damage claim has been underpaid or denied, then you need to contact a Property Damage Attorney. They will work on your behalf to efficiently and proactively prepare a thorough claim to help recover the money you need.

Jonathon W. Douglas and his Property Damage team at Battaglia Ross Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. are renowned for their dedication to the Southwest Florida community and can start work today, with a free consultation service.

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